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How do we treat?

First of all the osteopath needs to take a case history. He will ask about the problem that you present with, when and how symptoms developed, if there have been any changes since the onset of the problem. The osteopath will also ask about lifestyle, general health, medications, past medical history, etc, to help generate a "holistic" picture that includes not only the symptoms, but also the circumstances in which they have arisen.

The body is usually examined to assess the physical condition. The osteopath will look at your posture and note how the spine or other joints make some basic movements. Any tests (eg reflexes or blood pressure) will be performed if appropriate; and then your osteopath will gently feel for muscle tone and passive joint function to make a diagnosis. The osteopath will then discuss his findings with you and you will usually be offered treatment on the first visit.

The osteopath may use a wide range of techniques to suit the individual. These range from traditional osteopathic approaches of manipulation ("clicking & crunching" joints), joint articulation and specific massage techniques; to more subtle techniques, known as cranio-sacral and functional techniques. Ultrasound therapy is also available when appropriate. In many cases, advice is offered (eg, on exercise, dietary supplements, ergonomics, lifestyle, baby routines, etc) that may prove invaluable in managing complaints.

The amount of treatment or consultation with the osteopath will depend on the patient, the practitioner and the nature of the problem. Typically, many patients require 2-3 visits, some 3-6 visits and rarely, 6-12 visits may be required. Chronic conditions and complaints (eg, osteoarthritis) can be treated on an on-going basis. Many patients embrace the idea of "maintenance" treatment, where they are treated regularly to ensure better overall function .

Usually, you will be asked to dress down to your underwear for both examination and treatment, so please wear whatever underwear you will feel comfortable in. If this is a problem in any way, there is usually a solution!