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Who do we treat?

Osteopathy is suitable for all age ranges, babies to adults, helping a wide range of conditions in various ways.

Mothers and Expectant Mothers
We offer osteopathy for mums to be, working with such common problems as backache, heartburn, nausea and swollen joints, as well as preparing the body for the demands of childbirth and post-delivery care.

After the birth and beyond, the demands of breast-feeding, picking children up and just being mum can create all sorts of stresses and strains on the body, as well as the mind. We are here to help!

Babies & Children
Babies have recently been through one of the most stressful experiences of life - arriving. The process and physical stress of childbirth can generate a variety of problems, which often respond well to osteopathic treatment. Babies are treated for conditions such as reflux or vomiting, sleeplessness and settling problems.

Childhood brings its own problems. Accidents, growing pains, back pain, glue ear and headaches are common complaints that often respond well with treatment.

Business and stress have become synonymous. Busy people often see osteopathic treatment as time-out for themselves, be it for computer necks or stress heads. As well as general osteopathic treatment for the whole body, cranio-sacral therapy can help busy people with stressful times.

Sports People
Professional sports players and athletes make great demands of their bodies. They suffer muscle pulls and sprains that can seriously affect performance, even threaten careers. Treatment can help these problems resolve quickly, as well as helping to improve performance as part of a regular program.

Many of us train at the gym, play sports or exercise in other ways as part of a keep-fit routine (sometimes more savagely than the professionals). This can lead to unaccustomed demands and problems, but whatever the cause, osteopathy can help.

Musicians have their own peculiar versions of Repetitive Strain Injury, with demanding postures for some instruments and sometimes long hours practising or playing. As well as helping people that play, we can often help vocalists by concentrating on breathing mechanics and the neck.

Later Years
Everyone gets older, some fight it and some welcome it. Never welcome are the aches, pains and loss of function reminding us of the stresses of earlier years and how the body has been used. Osteopathy often helps with these problems, particularly since the older body will often respond well to gentle treatment.

Workers, Lifters, Shifters, Gardeners, DIYers
Physical labour generates all kinds of strains and injuries, whether you are an amateur or a professional. We aim to get you back onto the job.

Many patients appreciate the idea of a regular check-up at the osteopath 3 - 6 times a year to help keep them in good form for the demands they place on mind and body.